IGUIGU Commission on
Cold Region Environments

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During the International Geographical Congress in Glasgow in August 2004, the International Geographical Union (IGU) renewed its focus on periglacial topics by approving the new Commission on Cold Region Environments.

On this occasion, a formal Agreement of Cooperation was signed between the presidents of IGU and IPA that extended the joint activities and related cooperation.


Cold-climate regions face increased impacts and responses to environmental sensitivity, the consequences of which are not purely physical. Hence, these issues require the incorporation of social, economic and environmental aspects.

The themes stress the need for interdisciplinary efforts to assess an integrated understanding of cold region geo-ecosystems, including land use and climate change issues. A second focus will be on the improvement of combining process and geo-archive information in arctic and alpine environments as well as in former periglacial environments.

Within this geographical-oriented commission, an integration of many aspects of the physical environment with the social and economic realms, such as sustainable development, will be emphasized. Commission activities concentrate on the organisation and co-sponsoring of topical workshops and conference sessions, as well as contributing geographical expertise to organisations dealing with cold region issues.